A smile that fits you perfectly

We bring your smile into a harmonious unity with the features of your face. We are a dental practice specializing in dental aesthetics and our team will be your trusted guide on your path towards your unique beauty.

We create natural and confidence-boosting smiles that change the way other people see our patients. When it comes to smiles, there are no two of a kind.

Experts in dental aesthetics

Dr. Petra Stulić Sandev and Dr. Livio Sandev offer the highest level of dental aesthetics services in their highly equipped practice.

They connect the principles of modern dental medicine with their individual approach, paying particular attention to each client. All faces and all smiles are unique, which is why the approach to dental aesthetics must be completely personalized.

Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics combines modern dental medicine with state-of the-art technology and knowledge of the aesthetics of the human face.

Interested in the process of creating the perfect smile?
Dr. Petra Stulić Sandev takes you through all stages of the procedure, from the first examination and digital smile design to the placement of implants and veneers.


Dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth.

Implants look and function just like your natural teeth. You can bite, smile, talk, laugh and sing freely without any worries.

Install Nobel Biocare implants with a lifetime warranty. The whole procedure is completely painless.

Design your smile with Digital Smile Design

Find out what your smile is going to look like from all angles before deciding to install implants, veneers or crowns.

Digital Smile Design and the physical model of your teeth will help you choose the ideal new smile, without any real work done on your teeth.

Smile design lets you think about every detail of your smile before you make the final decision.


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