Dental aesthetics

The road to a perfect smile

Interested in the process of creating the perfect smile?

Dr. Petra Stulić Sandev takes you through all stages of the procedure, from the first examination and digital smile design to the placement of implants and veneers.

Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics combines modern dental medicine with state-of-the-art technology and knowledge of the aesthetics of the human face.

To help you decide and prepare for the dental aesthetics process, find out what all of its stages are.

The process of creating the perfect smile



Visit 1

To build your perfect smile, we need to get to know you first. Through a relaxed conversation, we will learn about your expectations, and with a clinical examination of your mouth and an x-ray, we will determine the current health of your teeth and gums.

We will then take photos of your teeth and face. For this step, we use a professional macro lens, which reveals details invisible to the naked eye.

The photographs serve as the basis for Digital Smile Design. We upload them to Visagismile, a specialized program that uses sophisticated algorithms and ‘suggests’ the shape and position of your teeth that will best suit your face. Additionally, our team manually tunes the design of the smile proposed by the algorithm. The smile design suggestion is mapped to a photo of your face.

At the end of your first visit, we present you with your digital smile design. Together, we will study the proposal for the new look of your teeth presented in the photo. If you want to change some of the proposed design features, we can do it on the spoT.

Once the digital smile design becomes the perfect reflection of your wishes, we send it to a dental technician who specializes in dental aesthetics. The technician will prepare an analogue (physical) model of the new teeth for the next visit, based on the digital smile design and the imprint of your teeth.


Visit 2, (a week after Visit 1)

Based on the analogue model of your new teeth, we make a silicone mold. Acrylate is poured into the mold in liquid form, and is then introduced into your mouth. After two minutes of curing, we get a mock-up – a cast that shows what your new smile will really look like.

We put the mock-up in your mouth without any bonding material, so it could come off your teeth easily, but it fits over your teeth tightly enough so that you can laugh, talk and grimace. At this point, you are one step closer to the perfect smile.

Now is the time to look at how your new smile will look from every angle. Stretch your lips into a smile and take a selfie!

We will go through every detail of the model, taking your wishes into account. The cutting-edge technology and the sense of aesthetics of our doctors and technicians will be crucial for your new smile.

The mock-up is refined under the leadership of Petra and Livio. Every detail is given attention. Fine grinding is performed. What the program has calculated is now being perfected under the experienced eye of the dental aesthetics expert.

You do not have to immediately decide on the final look of the new smile, but our clients generally know immediately what is best for them.

Visit 2 is over, and we already have the final look of the teeth, before we have done any surgery on the real teeth and gums. It is much easier to consider your preferences at this stage than in the finished workpiece. 


Visit 3 (a week after Visit 2)

What follows next is the preparation of your teeth for the creation of the new smile. One or more teeth are shaped to make space for a crown or a veneer. If an implant is needed, the tooth is removed and the implant procedure is performed.

When all needed teeth are prepared, we take an impression which enables us to make provisional crowns – your temporary teeth. Provisional crowns are the perfect copy of your new smile and you will wear them for two to three weeks, until we have your final new smile. In case we need to install implants or perform other types of surgery to achieve your perfect smile, you will wear your provisional crowns for several months. In this case, they will be made of stronger material. Provisional crowns will help you get used to your new teeth, feel what it is like to eat and talk with them. This will make the adjustment to the new look and function of your new teeth more gradual and ultimately easier.

This visit is demanding and we recommend that you come after having eaten and rested. If the piece that we are working on is bigger, take the day off work if needed.

04 / 05

Visit 4 and 5

Next step is a veneers and crown fitting, attended by a dental technician specializing in dental aesthetics. When all the veneers and crowns match the desired look of the final smile design perfectly, it’s time to place them in your mouth.


Visit 6

We suggest you take a day off for the cementation of the veneers and crowns. The whole process usually takes several hours. Our team will be with you every step of the way. They will create the elements of your smile step by step.

We have reached the end of the process, we have realized your dream – the perfect smile that reflects your beauty and is in harmony with the features of your face.

Want to start creating the perfect smile right away?