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Are you interested in the experience of getting implants and veneers fitted in our office? Are you scared of going to the dentist? Find out what our previous clients had to say.

“I had a massive fear of dentists. All the pushing-back and apprehension had led me to become the perfect candidate for implants. Luckily, I ‘stumbled into’ Petra and Livio, who are amazing people and exceptional dentists. Little by little, they took away my fears and distrust, firstly with minor procedures, which later led to implants. The implantation itself was completely pain-free, both during and after the procedure.”

Marinko Leš
Actor and speaker

“I’m from Croatia, but I’ve lived in London for the past thirty years. I came to Croatia to finally get a nice, natural smile. Since the very beginning, Petra was extremely professional. She explained in great detail exactly what she would do and how long it would take. I was happy knowing the whole implantation process wouldn’t last for more than a week, because I couldn’t stay in Zagreb for longer. The office itself is immaculate, and all the employees are very friendly and approachable. When you’re having more significant procedures done, you want to be sure you’re in the right hands, which is why I recommend Petra and Livio. I’m thrilled with my new smile!”

Dorees D.

“I was terrified of veneers because I wanted a natural smile. Dr. Petra made a mock-up, which allowed me to see in person what it would all look like – like real-life photoshop. I was overjoyed, we went ahead with the veneers, and I now have a fantastic smile!”

Iva Visković Križan

“I’m very pleased with the way both of the doctors treated me. They are very professional and meticulous. They keep up with the latest technological achievements, which to me is very important, especially when it comes to the materials being used. Everything was amazing; I have no complaints whatsoever, only words of praise.”

Ana K.

“Both Petra and Livio keep track of what’s going on with the patient, which is what I love most about them. For example, during one checkup, dr. Petra couldn’t see me, so dr. Livio had to take over, but he knew absolutely everything about my condition. They discussed it the day before and agreed on the upcoming steps regarding my therapy. That kind of approach really blew me away, and I can be completely honest and say I have total faith in them.”

Tajana P.

“Seeing how I wasn’t satisfied with my smile, I decided to contact five or six practices. Most of them simply ignored me. A few days later, I received an exhaustive reply from Petra. We booked an appointment in Zagreb. She completely amazed me with her professionalism, and she understood my problem entirely. We had one major procedure, which included an orthodontist and a periodontist. Petra made it all happen. I felt relaxed, happy like I’ve come into the home of friends I’ve known for 40 years. The end result was phenomenal. I was amazed by the professionalism and patient approach, which exceeded all my expectations.”

Sandra M.

“I spent a long time putting off my visit to the dentist and talking about implants because of a previous bad experience. I knew I needed to change something because I wasn’t happy with the health or the appearance of my teeth. I’m now finally carefree when I smile. It might sound silly, but I really feel like my new teeth brought on a better and higher-quality living.”

Katarina M.

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