We clean the calculus, treat gum inflammations and offer periodontal surgery services.

Periodontology is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the supporting structures of teeth. Great loss of supporting structures leads to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of teeth loss, right after caries. The disease develops under the influence of bacteria from plaque and calculus that penetrate the periodontal tissue and cause inflammation.

The inflammation is initially superficial (gingivitis) but if the symptoms (bleeding, pain while chewing or brushing, redness) are ignored, it can progress and lead to the loss of bone and other supporting structures (periodontitis), resulting in tooth loss.

Periodontal disease can have many causes. Although bacteria are the cause of the disease, a number of other factors can worsen it. These factors can be genetic, dental (root infections, bad dental work) or related to bad habits (smoking, poor oral hygiene, poor eating habits).

Depending on the stage of the disease, one or more of the following symptoms may occur:

– Gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding from the gums)

– Unpleasant taste and smell,

– Moving teeth,

– Withdrawal of the gums.

Around 70% of cases can be treated non-surgically. In the remaining 30% of cases (with more advanced disease), treatment can involve tooth extraction, dental implants, bone grafting (augmentation), soft tissue grafts, pink ceramic restorations, or a combination of these methods.

Maintenance is very important and requires a change in the patient’s lifestyle. Good hygiene is a must. Regular check-ups (three times a year) and professional hygiene maintenance are also required. It is also recommended to quit smoking and to change bad eating habits. If each of these conditions is satisfied, the treatment should be successful.

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease?

  • By being informed about proper oral hygiene maintenance, by knowing the proper tooth brushing technique, and by being informed about the proper use of oral hygiene aids (proper tooth brushing, interdental toothbrush, dental floss, oral shower, mouthwash, etc.).
  • By having hard dental plaque (calculus) cleaned professionally one to two times a year, or more often in case of severe symptoms of gum inflammation.

Calculus is removed by sonic or ultrasonic instruments that do not damage the tooth surface, and by sanding and polishing. In the case of active inflamed pockets, scaling and root planning are required, in addition to potential supportive therapy, the so-called full mouth therapy. This therapy includes antiseptics, oral probiotics or antibiotics. Our patients are obliged to enter the so-called recall program – at these appointments (every few months) the disease status is checked by probing pockets and, if necessary, by RTG imaging. 

Periodontal surgery is a branch of surgery that covers the area of ​​the so-called red aesthetics – aesthetic procedures done on the gums and bone, augmentation procedures of the bone and gingiva, covering of the exposed tooth necks and resective surgery in periodontal disease in order to remove inflamed pockets.

In more difficult cases, our dental practice cooperates with top specialists of periodontology.

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