Permanently attached dental prostheses in just a few days. Choose a cutting-edge implant technology which will significantly improve your everyday life and restore your self-confidence.

Prosthodontics – Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

We make crowns, bridges and dentures. Choose a type of prosthodontic workpiece which suits you best.


Veneers are the least invasive restorative solution for covering the aesthetic defects on front teeth. Give yourself a new smile without long and complicated treatment procedures.

Free Hand Bonding

Free hand bonding is a method of improving a smile by directly applying a composite material onto the teeth. Refresh your smile quickly and without any major investments!

Smile design

Digital smile design and creating a physical denture of your teeth will help you pick out your perfect smile, saving you from unnecessary gluing and cementing.


We carry out high-quality dental treatment and every endodontic treatment is checked by RTG imaging.

Oral surgery

We perform top-quality oral surgery - tooth extraction, alveotomy, apicotomy, placement of dental implants, augmentation of the alveolar ridge and raising the bottom of the sinus.


We clean the calculus, treat gum inflammations and offer periodontal surgery services.

Teeth whitening

There is no faster or more efficient way to achieve a bright smile than professional whitening at the dentist’s. After just one visit, your teeth could be 6 to 8 shades brighter.

Dental Fillings

With the use of highest quality materials on the market, our fillings faithfully mimic the tooth. We shape each cusp and every indentation of the tooth.

Dentist for children / Pediatric Dental Medicine

Children begin to learn and acquire new habits as soon as they are born, so it is important that they form a healthy habit of brushing their teeth and visiting the dentist from a young age.

Want to start creating the perfect smile right away?