Smile design

Smile design

Take a look at your new smile from every angle before you decide to get implants, veneers, or crowns.

Digital smile design and creating a physical denture of your teeth will help you pick out your perfect smile, saving you from unnecessary gluing and cementing.

Deciding on significant changes for your smile can be difficult, knowing they're permanent. Luckily, we have a solution for situations like this.

We can show you a faithful design of your desired teeth on a physical 3D model, as well as a digital 2D model. Only when you 'try out' your new smile in person can you decide on its final appearance.

Digital smile design is created using a sophisticated program – Visagismile. We take a picture of your teeth and face using a professional camera and a lens that picks up details invisible to the naked eye. We then upload the image into the program, which uses special algorithms to ‘calculate’ the appearance of your perfect smile, which will match the contours of your face.

Smile design incorporates individual smile shaping. A plaster cast of the patient’s jaw is sent to the dental lab where a wax-up is created, which is then fitted into the patient’s mouth using aesthetic material. That way, a mock-up is created, a lifelike model of your teeth. You can try it out, take pictures with it, and see how your new teeth will look when they’re finished. If you decide to change any single detail on the mock-up, our dentists can do it quickly and efficiently.

During the design of your new smile, your whole face is taken into account, and all your wishes and suggestions are fulfilled. This way, we can predictably and safely create your ‘test’ smile, which will then become your final smile.

Our advantages
  • A small, well rounded team specialized in dental aesthetics

  • Boutique approach – a personalized process and dedication to each patient

  • Perennial experience in state-of-the-art dental practices

  • A modern practice and a comfortable ambience

  • Exceptional materials with a perennial guarantee

  • Modern-day program for digital smile design

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