Prosthodontics – Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

Prosthodontics – Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

We make crowns, bridges and dentures. Choose a type of prosthodontic workpiece which suits you best.

Find out more about the advantages of every type of prosthodontics workpiece. Crowns and bridges are fixed workpieces, while dentures can be removed if needed.


Crowns and bridges are fixed prosthodontics which mimic natural teeth in their shape, size and colour.

Crowns are placed on an individual, previously ground tooth, while bridges are needed if there is one or more teeth missing.

The bridge is comprised of an anchor and a body. Bridge anchors are actually crowns which are placed upon ground adjacent teeth, while the body of the bridge replaces the missing tooth.

Crowns are suggested in the following cases:

  • Loss of a major part of the tooth; a crown is suggested in order to preserve the remaining part of the tooth (for example in case of major cavities or fractures)
  • Impaired teeth aesthetics (for example, when a tooth has changed its colour)
  • If a missing tooth needs to be replaced, crowns are placed on adjacent teeth and used as anchors for the bridge which replaces the missing tooth.

Nowadays, crowns and bridges are commonly made out of three materials: metal-ceramics, zirconium-oxide ceramics and lithium-disilicate ceramics.

Metal-ceramics is outstandingly strong. However, it does not entirely meet all of the aesthetic criteria, due to the lack of transparency. Hence, it is mostly used for posterior teeth and in front teeth if the patient does not have a high smile line.

Zirconium-oxide ceramics is currently the strongest all-white aesthetic material, which, unlike metal-ceramics, does not have a metal base, and meets higher aesthetic criteria. It mimics the natural teeth perfectly and is almost as strong as metal-ceramics. It is applicable in all teeth regions.

Lithium-disilicate ceramics is the material that meets the highest aesthetic criteria. However, the disadvantage is that it has the lowest strength amongst ceramics. Therefore, it is used to make crowns and bridges in the area of the front teeth, where the forces generated by chewing are not as strong. Dental aesthetics is very important in this region and is best achieved with lithium-disilicate ceramics. 


Dentures are mobile prosthetic replacements that compensate for the complete lack of teeth, or the lack of a certain number of teeth. In addition, they are used when, for some reason, there is no possibility of using a fixed prosthetic workpiece.

Unlike fixed prosthodontics (crowns and bridges), dentures can be removed from the mouth and placed back by patients themselves. In order to improve the functionality and overall appearance of prosthetic workpiece, it is possible to produce combined works.

The combined workpieces consist of a fixed part made up of crowns placed on the remaining teeth or implants, a mobile part made up of a partial denture, and special fastening elements.

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